Be Spot'd!


Spot those around you!

Discouraged with traditional social apps that contain nothing but random faces and names?

So are we. That's why we came up with a better, new and unique way to meet people - that are in your Line-Of-Sight.

We call it Spota.

What if you Spot'd that captivating someone on a busy street, in a café or while walking through the park.

Spota makes this idea a reality.

This app gives you the ability to connect with other users, offering a safe and fun way to meet people you actually see.

Spot a person that’s within you Line-Of-Sight, send them an ice breaker and once they respond, the friendship is unlocked.

Spota offers you an opportunity to seize the moment:

Discover a creative and cool new way to meet people in your Line-Of-Sight.

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100% Free

No in-app purchases required to enjoy the full version of the app!


Spot those around you!

Spot someone in your Line-Of-Sight you'd like to get to know better and then hit the Spot button


How Spota Works

The Total Game Changer
Introduced features that will change how you look at social apps

  • See someone in your Line-of-Sight you want to talk to? Hit the Spot button.

  • View and like people within 100m of you and easily send an Icebreaker to connect. This will send the user a notification.

  • Been Spot'd? Reply to the Icebreaker to unlock the friendship.

  • View and like people beyond 100m of you, Like her/him secretly or send them a SuperSpot to be sure they Spot you!

  • Use your daily SuperSpot to break the ice with someone out of sight! This will send them an Icebreaker as if they were nearby.


Speak The Spota Language


Spot someone around you? Hit the Spot button to view their profile! You can then send an Icebreaker so they notice you back!


Never an awkward silence. Spota will send you a random icebreaker question on behalf of the admirer to get the chat started. To accept the Spot, just answer the question.

Lock out

If an admirer Spots or SuperSpots you, he/she cannot send a message until you unlock the friendship by replying to the Icebreaker generated by Spota! This mean the feeling needs to be matural.

Further Away

Spota also gives you people further away. Like her/him secretly. If they like you back Spot On! The friendship is unlocked.


If you wish to be noticed from those further away Spota gives you 1 SuperSpot daily. This will send them an icebreaker as if they were Spot'd.

Quick photo swipe

Swipe left or right to see more photos of people you Spot'd without going into their profile.

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